Thursday, November 15, 2012

Data Management with Microsoft Access

Tepato Systems has extensive experience with the design and development of databases in Microsoft Access for use by small businesses and non-profit organizations.

Microsoft Access allows for quick development of user-friendly data entry and reporting capabilities, so it's perfect for the use of small companies who can't afford to buy the larger applications or web services that may be available.  It's highly customizable, and Tepato can provide periodic enhancements as needed via a remote connection (or train a power user how to apply updates).

As an example, see the linked user guide for a database that is designed to keep track of donors and items that they've donated for an auction event.   It is currently in use by several non-profit groups.  It can be modified to suit your needs and Tepato can also load your initial data if desired.

Auction Database

Another Tepato database is designed for use by a child care or day care center.  All of the children are entered into the database, along with the days of the week that they attend.  Each child has a specific rate/price applied to them, based on a defined list of the various rates (daily, weekly, etc.).  The database can then  quickly and accurately generate bills for all of the families who use the facility.  This can eliminate issues with incorrect bills and save a lot of time for the person who is responsible for billing.

Child Care Billing Database

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