Monday, December 6, 2010

Google Apps vs. Free Version of Microsoft Office Apps

If you've never tried the free, web-based version of Microsoft's Office applications, you may want to consider using Google's similar applications instead. Here's an article that compares them, feature by feature.

Thou Shalt Not: 10 Computer Security Commandments

This is a really good article on the things to avoid if you want to protect yourself and your identity while using your computer.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Microsoft Office 2003 vs. 2007 Toolbars

Searching for Your Favorite Buttons in Office 2007

If, like me, you've recently begun to use Microsoft Office 2007, you've probably found that it is a big change. Getting used to the new "ribbon" style toolbars can be a slow and somewhat painful process.

To make it easier to find your favorite buttons or functions in Office 2007, use these interactive guides. You can look up the function you like in the 2003 version and it will tell you where to find it in the 2007 version.





The Microsoft website has a lot of other useful tools for new 2007 users. Of course, they've just released Office 2010, but I've heard that the changes are not really radical except in Outlook.

Microsoft Office 2010

If you're wondering about the new version of Microsoft Office, here are a couple of good articles. The first describes the improvements of the 2010 version vs. the 2007 version, and the second gives three reasons why you should upgrade.

Tepato Systems is not endorsing Microsoft, however we do use their products.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Fun Free Tools to Personalize Your Desktop

In honor of our lovely spring, here are some fun, free tools that you can use to personalize your computer.

To download free images to use for your wallpaper or screensavers, including a nice tool to manage them, go to Webshots. The tool also includes a handy calendar that you can display on your desktop.

Webshots -

This site has a variety of very cool free fonts. Some of them are from movies or TV shows, such as the Flinstones and Star Wars.

Free Fonts -

This tool gives you some helpful options that can be used in Windows Explorer. It allows you to color code your folders, among other things.

Folder Marker -

And finally, this one is actually useful for work-related use. If you are ever copying/pasting a series of items, this tool allows you to copy them all at once, then paste them based on a list. The normal copy/paste function can only save one item at a time.

Ditto -

Friday, March 12, 2010

How to Save an Office File in the “Old” Version

If you have Microsoft Office 2007 (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc.) and your friends still have the 2003 version, they can’t open your files. You’ll notice that the file name now ends in “.docx” or “.xlsx” or “.pptx”, with an “x” on the end.

It’s easy to save a 2007 file into the 2003 version. (Example shown in Microsoft Word, but it works the same in all Office applications.)

Follow these steps:

Click the Windows logo in the top right corner

Select “Save As” from the list

Select “Word 97-2003” from the list

Choose the location where you’d like to save the file, and give it a name (as you normally would).

You’re done! Your file is now the “old” version which can be opened by someone with any version between Office 97 and Office 2003.

How to Convert Office 2007 Files Automatically
Another option is to download and install a free tool that will automatically convert Office 2007 documents to the old version for you (when you open them).

To convert Office 2007 files for free to a format that you can open, use the link below. The online version of the tool is free, and there's also a desktop version that is available for purchase for $19.95.

This same site offers a variety of other conversion tools, including one to convert a variety of file types into PDF files.
Oconvert Tool -

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Keyboard Shortcuts

All of these keyboard shortcuts can be used in any Microsoft Office application, and some may also be used when surfing the Internet.

Here are the shortcuts that I use the most:
CTL+C - copy selected text
CTL+X - cut selected text
CTL+V - paste selected text
CTL+ALT+V - paste special (really useful in Excel)

CTL+Z - undo
CTL+Y - redo

CTL+A - select all (text in a document, cells in a spreadsheet, whatever)
CTL+Home - go to top of document
CTL+End - go to end of document

CTL+S - save

ALT + TAB - switch to a different window

Print Screen - to get a screenshot (works best if you have software like SnagIt)

CTL+ALT+Del - open task manager

If you have a favorite, post a comment to share it.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Password Tool - This is AWESOME!

How many passwords do you have online? I probably have over 100, between my website clients and all of my personal stuff. It's too much to remember, and I never can keep all of my bookmarks consistent between different PCs.

Check out this nifty and inexpensive tool:

I have the "to go" version, which works on a flash drive. So now no matter where I am, or whose computer I'm borrowing, all of my passwords (and bookmarks) are available on my flash drive.

Roboform saves your password, along with the link to the site where it's used. You can use 1 click to go to the site, login and press enter. All of your password data is encrypted under a single master password. It can also generate random passwords for you, so that you can stop using your dog's name as the password for everything you do (especially important if you are doing banking online or shopping). You can even set up "identities" which will fill in your name, address and credit card information on a page when you click a button. It's a huge timesaver if you shop online frequently.

It is one of the most useful things I've got in my computer "toolbox" and it only costs about $20! Check it out sometime and let me know how much you love it... there's even a free trial available.

New Client Sites

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Do you backup your important files?

A useful software tool for Windows XP users

If you have important data on your computer, whether it is of a personal or professional nature, you need to do regular backups of it. Think about how painful it would be for you if you lost that data and you'll quickly realize how important your backups are.

I recently heard about a nifty little software utility that is available FREE from Microsoft. It's called SyncToy, and you must have Windows XP (with service pack 2 installed) to use it. SyncToy can be used to easily do backups of many kinds, whether it's between your hard drive and a flash drive, or from a memory stick, or whatever. Even if you use an external hard drive for backups, this tool can help you. It can be customized to do several different types of backups based on a one- way or two-way comparison of your files.

Check out SyncToy and let me know if it helps you. I've found it extremely useful and very easy to get set up for the first time. It has greatly reduced my backup worries and it's much faster than doing a full copy of all the folders and files every time.

Download SyncToy here:

Friday, January 22, 2010

Technology Tips for Small Business

If you own a small business, do me a favor. Look at one of your business cards right now. Does it include your website address? Does it include your email address? Do they match?

If you don't have a website, you need one. Even if you aren't going to be selling products online, it gives you a more legitimacy to your potential clients. People are using the internet more and more to find vendors, research products and shop. If they can't find you online, they may go to one of your competitors instead. A website also completes your marketing and branding efforts, by coordinating and complimenting your paper marketing materials. I can create a site for your company which will give you a professional web presence without a large investment.

If you have a website but your email address doesn't match, I can fix that for you. It looks much more professional to have your email be than to use your personal account, which could be something goofy like or

If you have a website but don't put it on your business cards - WHY are you wasting your money?? You've probably invested a lot in your website, so you should be including it on every piece of correspondence that you produce (email or paper). Put it in the footer of every document, spreadsheet, every email signature, every brochure, business card, flyer, etc. - you've paid for it, so take advantage of it!

To discuss any of these issues, please email me or post to my blog.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

New Tepato Blog

Hello, blog world! Tepato Systems is a small business that does website and database development, email marketing and other IT support for small business and non-profit organizations. Our website is if you'd like more information.