Thursday, March 4, 2010

Keyboard Shortcuts

All of these keyboard shortcuts can be used in any Microsoft Office application, and some may also be used when surfing the Internet.

Here are the shortcuts that I use the most:
CTL+C - copy selected text
CTL+X - cut selected text
CTL+V - paste selected text
CTL+ALT+V - paste special (really useful in Excel)

CTL+Z - undo
CTL+Y - redo

CTL+A - select all (text in a document, cells in a spreadsheet, whatever)
CTL+Home - go to top of document
CTL+End - go to end of document

CTL+S - save

ALT + TAB - switch to a different window

Print Screen - to get a screenshot (works best if you have software like SnagIt)

CTL+ALT+Del - open task manager

If you have a favorite, post a comment to share it.

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