Thursday, April 15, 2010

Fun Free Tools to Personalize Your Desktop

In honor of our lovely spring, here are some fun, free tools that you can use to personalize your computer.

To download free images to use for your wallpaper or screensavers, including a nice tool to manage them, go to Webshots. The tool also includes a handy calendar that you can display on your desktop.

Webshots -

This site has a variety of very cool free fonts. Some of them are from movies or TV shows, such as the Flinstones and Star Wars.

Free Fonts -

This tool gives you some helpful options that can be used in Windows Explorer. It allows you to color code your folders, among other things.

Folder Marker -

And finally, this one is actually useful for work-related use. If you are ever copying/pasting a series of items, this tool allows you to copy them all at once, then paste them based on a list. The normal copy/paste function can only save one item at a time.

Ditto -

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  1. Thanks for the props to Webshots!

    Here is the link to download the free tool, the Webshots Desktop Application, which lets you download photos from screensavers and wallpapers with one click:

    And here is our new collection of spring photos: