Thursday, October 25, 2012

Website Projects with Tepato Systems

As an overview for new or potential customers, here is some background information on how Tepato Systems normally handles a website project, from start to finish.

Phase - planning
  • Initial meetings with Client are held to discuss content, design, timing and budget (can be in person or over the phone).
  • Tepato creates requirements document and initial design ideas, including pricing.  Tepato can also provide an example of our standard development contract if desired.
  • Tepato provides a link to a test site where the designs can be viewed online (will also be used throughout the development process for client to review site progress).
  • Client reviews and any adjustments are made to the documents and pricing as needed to meet requirements and budget.
  • Client and Tepato come to an agreement to move forward with the project.
  • Client appoints a single point of contact to work with Tepato on the site for the rest of the project.
Phase - design
  • Client contact works closely with Tepato to refine the design as needed.  This can occur over the course of a couple of weeks via email exchange, or during just a few working sessions over the phone.
  • Once design is final, Tepato sends final contracte to Client for signature, along with invoice.
  • Client signs last page of contract and returns a copy to Tepato, along with first payment (usually about half of the total amount due).
Phase - construction
  • Tepato begins work on creating all of the pages of the site to prepare for content.
  • Client contact sends content for entire site (usually in small chunks over a period of a week or two at least).
  • Tepato inserts content into site pages as it is received.  Any formatting, image editing, photo cropping or other design work to fit the content to the site is done at this point.
  • Client contact reviews the site as the development progresses and gives feedback to Tepato as needed.
  • Client requests any design changes if needed (Tepato provides quote for additional cost if any).
  • Tepato keeps client informed of progress on site and requests feedback or additional content if needed.
Phase - approval
  • Once site is fully created and all content is inserted, Client gives final approval.
  • Tepato sends final invoice to Client for payment.
  • Upon receipt of invoice, Client sends final payment.
  • Tepato publishes site to domain name (so it becomes "live" on the internet).
Phase - hosting & maintenance
  • If hosting is to be provided by Tepato, the cost is included in final invoice.
  • If long term maintenance of the site is needed, Tepato and Client will sign a separate contract and an invoice will be sent. 
  • Clients who sign an annual maintenance agreement get a discounted price on hosting if needed.
  • Tepato can also handle the renewal of the site's domain name for the Client if desired, for a nominal charge.

If you'd like more information about creating a new website, or if you have an outdated site that needs an overhaul, please contact Tepato Systems at


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