Friday, November 30, 2012

Windows 7 and IE 9

I've now had my new laptop for about a month, and I'm getting used to Windows 7.  It is different than Windows Vista, but in most ways it has been better for me.

I like the popup images of my application windows that appear when I mouse over the apps on my task bar.  It's useful to move from one window to another without using alt+tab keys.  My Office 2010 applications also seem to work better in this version of Windows.  I think 2010 was a little too much for poor old Vista.

One thing that I am NOT liking with Win7 is Internet Explorer version 9.  For some reason, it has an issue with most of the links on most of the websites that I visit.  It will load a blank screen in many cases, not the page contents.  I've gotten in the habit of copying and pasting the shortcut/link into my address bar in order to get around it, but can we say "INCONVENIENT"!! 

I did a bit of research and there weren't a lot of good alternatives unless I want to go back to IE8.  The copy/paste thing is working for me for now.  Sometimes it also helps if I turn on "compatibility mode" but not always.  I've also tried turning on the developer window at the bottom, so that I can choose IE8 to load the page, and that helps too, but who wants that window to be at the bottom of their browser window all the time?  Not me...

Have you used IE9 yet?  Have you experienced this issue?  The information that I found online made it seem to be a known issue.  What are your thoughts on this?

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