Thursday, September 6, 2012

Non-Profit Organizations Need Technology Too!

You may know that Tepato Systems supports numerous clients that are non-profit organizations.  A lot of those clients use our website services, but some of them are starting to also look to Tepato Systems for help with other technology tools.

For example, many non-profits hold fundraising events during the year, and often these events might include an auction (either live or silent).  Tepato Systems has an Access database tool that was developed to keep track of the donors, donated items, winning bids and all of the other details involved in an auction.  It can produce a variety of reports, including letters to thank your donors after the event, and financial summaries to show the amount of money raised.

For more information on using a tool like the Tepato Auction database, please contact us on our website or email

To see a user guide which includes screen shots of this tool, use this link:

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