Friday, November 13, 2015

Fitness with FitBit

I've recently purchased a FitBit device so that I can pay closer attention to my activity level and overall fitness.  I like the dashboard that gives me steps, distance, and other statistics at a glance.  I can also track my sleep, my food intake and any exercise.

Once  I reach my steps goal for the day, it vibrates and flashes on my wrist, so I know that I've made it.  It's nice to get that little bit of feedback.

Unfortunately, it does not register steps when I use a stationary bike.  That's a bummer, but it's perhaps a good excuse to buy either a treadmill or elliptical machine.

There are a lot of great fitness apps, including pedometers and other trackers, that are available for my smart phone, as well.  I'll have to try out a few and give some thoughts on them here... stay tuned.

I'm way too sedentary most days, so I really need to "step" it up... wish  me luck!

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