Friday, September 11, 2015

iPhone Setup for Emergencies - Medical Data

Hopefully you'll never need this, but just in case...

If you are ever hurt and end up unconscious in a hospital, how will they know who you are or contact your family?  You can save basic medical data such as allergies, emergency contacts, birthdate, etc. into the Health app on an iPhone (it's a built in app).  Open the Health app and touch the "Medical ID" option at the bottom right.  Then type in what ever details you'd like to save (you'll be able to look up your emergency contact information in your stored Contacts).

If and when it's needed, medical personnel can get to it on your phone by touching "Emergency" on your lock screen (bottom left corner).  When the screen changes to the "Emergency Call" style, it has an option at the bottom left that says "*Medical ID" that they can touch.  It will then display the details that you saved in the Health app.

I originally saw this posted on Facebook, and I've done it myself so I know that it works.  I hope you never need it...

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