Thursday, February 19, 2015

Google Forms - A Testimonial

Over a year ago, I set up a Google form to accept applications for a youth camp on behalf of a client.  The setup was fairly straightforward and it was quickly working well.

After the application process was completed for the year, my client gave me feedback that it worked well for them to have access to the results of the form in Google.  We've used it for two seasons and have had to do only minor tweaks for the annual dates, etc. to keep it current.

Next I'm going to create a new Google form to replace a PDF fillable form for that same client to accept the details on donated items.  Fillable PDFs are great if you use Outlook for email, but unfortunately it is not so easy to use for non-Outlook users or those who are not tech savvy.  Non-Outlook users have to fill out the form, and print or save it to a PDF file so that they can then send it as an email attachment in their email program manually.  Google forms will be much easier both for those completing the form and those receiving the information.  Stay tuned for the results of this project in the near future.

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