Friday, April 12, 2013

Digital Copies of DVDs You Buy - Are They Worth It?

Do you buy a lot of movies on DVD or Blu Ray?  Do you ever buy the bundle that also includes a "digital copy"?

I've bought a few of these in the recent past and I've finally started to load them to my iTunes account.  A couple things are worth noting:

  • If you buy the bundle with a "digital copy", you are paying extra for it, so USE IT!  If you won't use it, buy the bundle without that option, since it will be cheaper.
  • If you use iTunes, it's pretty easy to get these digital copies loaded.  Some of them require you to insert the DVD into your PC to get the digital copy, and some use a website.  Either way, iTunes can handle it.  
  • Don't throw away the paper with your code on it!! Without the code, you can't redeem your digital copy and you've wasted your money.
  • Pay attention to any expiration dates on your redemption code - sometimes they have a limited time frame on them.  Miss that deadline, and you've again wasted your money.
  • There is a difference between a digital copy and the new "ultraviolet" copy.  You have to create an account with UltraViolet or Flixster in order to redeem any movies that use it.  I haven't tried this yet but it's supposed to give you access to your movie when you're anywhere (assuming you either have Wifi access or a data plan on the device).

Of course a bunch of movies will use up a lot of your PC's hard drive, so hopefully you have an external drive that you can use to back them up if needed.  Also, you most likely won't want to keep all of them on your device (iPad, iPod, etc.) all of them time, since they'll fill the memory on your device as well.  Keeping them in iTunes gives you the ability to sync them onto your device when needed (such as before a long car trip or plane ride).

Personally, I'll be watching Hunger Games on a flight to Orlando next week...

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