Wednesday, January 30, 2013

DropBox - Free File Sharing

Recently one of my clients suggested that we begin using DropBox when he needed to send me large files for his website.  I checked it out and it is a very nice free service.

DropBox starts out new users with a minimum amount of space (2 GB).  If you do certain things, such as set up shared folders or inviting other users to join, you will be given additional free space.  You can earn up to 16 GB of additional space this way.  You can also upgrade to a paid subscription at a monthly cost.

It is very easy to set up and use, and works similarly to Windows Explorer.  In fact, once you have DropBox installed on your PC, you can see your DropBox folder in Windows Explorer just like all of your other hard drives or other storage locations.  It also will give you an icon on your Quick Launch bar to either open your drop box folder or go to their website.

Other useful features:
  • Automatically copy all of the photos off of your mobile devices such as an iPhone 
  • Create a link to any file or folder in your DropBox, so that you can share that link with anyone who needs it
  • Create a shared folder for use by a specific person or people

See this link for more information:

If you are a Tepato Systems client and would like to begin using DropBox to send us your data files, please contact us at

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